About Arris Studio Architects

Arris Studio Architects’ mission is helping our clients create high quality, efficient, and thoughtfully designed buildings. We strongly believe in a team-based, collaborative approach and work hard to ensure that projects move smoothly from concept through construction and beyond.

Since our founding in 2008, our practice has designed and managed a variety of projects including: historic renovations, affordable and market-rate multi-family communities, branded and boutique hospitality, mixed use urban infill, and commercial developments. We approach each project as a unique building challenge and pride ourselves in our ability to understand the big picture and find creative solutions to the most challenging problems.

Mission Statement

“Understanding What it Takes”

Definition of Arris

Arris | noun | ar-ris:
The sharp edge formed at the connection of two vaults. Or as we prefer to define Arris: The joining together of multiple elements in an architectural manner.